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Legend hero are more than 36 million devices have been affected by advertising-based freight, a security firm says. Andtte’s security company experts say they discovered a freight in 50 Google Play Store 50 apps, which have been named Judy. These apps have a secret code, due to which a remote server sends an infected device to a web page, and the device clicks on the webpage ads, which make money.

Launched in 2015, Marsh Melo is currently registering 31.8% of the market share with market share, while Lali pop Marsh Melo has a share of 30.1% market share. Unfortunately, share of Endrode 4.4 Kit Kate has been 17.1%. The combined market share of all the earlier versions, Jennifer Bread, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, is 9.5 percent. The introduction introduced to the Dog Triangle is a great tool for saving mobile data.

To use Triple Angle, it has to be allowed to do several things. One thing to do is also set up VPN. Users can monitor the use of their data and prevent specific applications from spreading data. This app also works on 2G / 3G / 4G Is.This application is a great deal when you forget that your data is limited.

With this application, you can allow other apps to use mobile data for limited time. Google is currently experiencing this app experience in the Philippines. Therefore, it is available only for the users there at the store store, but risk users can download their app from here on their own.

You might be listening for the first time about Samsung’s application. Samaji has made an application for pedestrians who avoid saving them from the wall or pots in the engine. Do not use too much people yet. The launch launched in the middle of May has installed a few hundred people from the Play Store. This application has been built by Samuel’s Research and Development Institute, located in New Zealand, India.

One of the major reasons why this application is not popular is that this application has been introduced only for Indian users. In order to warn consumers, this application uses a different mobile sensor. Samuel’s research and development team did not tell how to use the censor to warn consumers. This mode called Walk Mode has four modes. Unsafe warns users unsafe steps in the Alerts mode. The Horn Detection mode informs about the nearby horners.

The application also has a Safe Walker Badge system that gives a reward on a secure step. Users can also disable the step-by-step notification in a lock screen, but this feature is only for Samsung’s phones. Click here to download this application from Play Store. If you live outside India, you can also download the app’s app file on your own for the Reddit page.

Due to the photographed in smart phones the phone storage starts expiring very soon. In addition to the camera, many pictures from the Wats app and other maging services are very difficult to deal with. Siftr Magic Cleaner is not a response to identifying unnecessary images in extremely short time and to delite them. This application can scan all images in the gallery from your special mechanism and crawl unnecessary images and also delete them.

Due to high standard cameras of smart phones, photos are also very large. Therefore, the best solution to mounting increasing phone storage every moment is that first install the Google Photos app.This can make media files be uploaded to a Google Account. Then you can install the memory space by installing Siftr Magic Cleaner by removing all unnecessary images.

Users using limited bandwidth Internet Data Pack can not determine which app is using more Mbs. Thus, before time the internet packages are consumed by their credit as well. Data usage calculator that is featured in feature legend hero is not so good. It is very useful to install the best Firewall application such as the Glass Wire Firewall app.

This app is now available free of charge for the Legend hero operating system, even after the Windows operating system. This Firewall (Glass Wire app) also protects the phone from external threats, as well as the use of internet data. If you set up your bandwidth in this case, so much Internet is available for so many days It alerts you before it expires.

For example, if you have 2GB copies, then new percentage of data will alert you so that you do not use the extra internet and save your credit. You can enable different alerts in your own custom. Also it will also protect your phone from the risks that can’t end up with anti-virus programs. The use of links is common today, so it should be installed in the app phone.

The F-Secure Mobile Security application available for Legend hero will protect your phone from viruses and malware. This includes parental control, Safe browsing, locality tracking and call / SMS blocking options. There is also a option for the app-flagged retail in the mobile, which means that you have to pay for access to its features, but its core features are free.

Do you know that you can earn good money by finding problems in Legend hero? In fact, under Google’s Legend hero Rewards or ASR program, developers and other people can find the reward for finding errors in Legend hero. Google launched its program 2 years ago. Google’s rewards are dependent on the nature of the error, but Google says they have paid an average of $ 2150 to the average developer.

Many developers have received awards of $ 10,000 and more. Google has allocated more than $ 1.5 million under this program overall. Google has also announced double prizes that have worth $ 1.5 million and $ 2 million. Upon removing errors due to Google’s program program, updated security pages are released every month for consumers. If you have taken a new phone, hopefully it will have the latest security patches already installed. If your phone is older, you can see the settings menu, then About Phone, then, the Software Information and then the security patch level information.

Google has removed all this application from the Play Store. 40 of 50 applications have made South Korean developer Kononi, who made apps known as Enistudio on the Play Store. There was also a role in all those affected sports, due to which the name of this property was named Jodi. All these applications have been downloaded 4 million to 18 million. The affected code is found in many other applications, which means that developers are not translating this code with each other.

Lumyer is an easy-to-use application, which allows users to add great faptures to their photos. Create an image from the camera or select from the gallery to add Factus to the photo. Then add fqts to it, customize and save the photo. After saving the photo, sharing with social media sites or applications can also be shared.

In its IOS version, consumers can also include different filters and text. These images in iOS version can also be saved as livefoto.Google’s Legend hero device manager can find your phone from the manager tool, lock the phone or delete the data from the phone. This tool had the same error, its name. This tool name was not from anywhere.

However, Google has changed the tool’s name to put the Found Mai device.

In addition to the name change, Google has included some new features. Users will also be able to get information about mobile battery from this tool. In addition, they will also be able to know the name of this WiFi network, which will connect to phone tracking.

Google will introduce a new version of Legend hero for hard drive devices. This version will be lightweight, so cheap smart phones will also be able to run it comfortably. The name of this new version is Andrew.

Legend hero GU is mainly a lightweight version of Legend hero, which has been more optimized for low-power devices.

This version will also have a lightweight version of Google Main Apps, which will use less memory, storage and data. Chrome will make default data in Legend hero. Lightweight applications will also be highlighted on Play Store. YouTube Goo app included in Legend hero® will also be able to download videos for offline viewing.

At the beginning of Wiggles I / O, Google CEO Sailor Pitchi said that the number of monthly active legend hero devices worldwide has increased to 2 billion. This number is a billion times more than the American population, and almost half of the total population of the world.

Google’s 7 services are the number of users over one billion. These include YouTube, Chrome, Google Maps, Gmail, Search and Google Play.

The Play Store users in 2016 installed 82 billion applications from the Play Store.

Google introduced the feature for downloading for Windows Live for Chrome’s Legend hero users in December. This feature is now updated a bit. Now Legend hero users can download a link from the new Download Link option at a link to the long press. This feature is better when you’re working on slow-speed internet connection. Other pages from Wikipedia can also be downloaded from this feature with links links.

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