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Dragon Ball Hero are now known as the Super Dragon Ball Hero, is a Japanese arcade game developed by Depps, as the Holiday Dragon Ball Z Data Cardados game. Announced on October 21, 2010 and released November 11, 2010, the game allows the use of characters in the series along with many characters in the Dragon Ball series. The game says Nintendo 3DS Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission, Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2, Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X, as well as a manga Dragon Ball Hero: Victory Mission and Dragon Ball Heroes Charisma Mission.Dragon Ball Hero

Dragon Ball Hero is a hugely popular arcade game, the No. 1 digital card game in the market, has been playing live for 5 years, and has distributed nearly 400 million cards. Starting in 2011, it made 5 billion yen each year, reaching 40 billion yen. There are more than 3000 individual cards and 1.820,000 players. The 3DS version of the game, Final Mission 1 and 2, sold a total of 700km copies.Dragon Ball Hero

The game received an update on November 17, 2016. In addition to improved graphics, 7 playable characters as well (the first 5), major characters being playable without the need for base / small form, and support type characters apart. This update was named Super Dragon Ball Hero. On April 5, 2019, the game was presented as a Nintendo Switch and Steam Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission, the first time the game was presented to the West. A series of short trailers featuring new animation have been released to promote the game. Each one presents a very brief, about a minute, style plot with Beat, the main promotional role, played a key role in these trades. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Raymond Mission! And Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission Manga Series, transforming these toys into individual chapters for Bat’s inclusion.Dragon Ball Hero

Dragon Ball Hero uses a turn-based card battle system in five turns or less, offering 5 to 5 battles with only one health bar for a team of characters. Cards featuring Dragon Ball franchise characters are given unique strengths and abilities that allow for unique and strategic combat experiences.Dragon Ball Hero

The player has to move the card on the board board. Depending on the circumstances of the match, more than five cards can be placed on the mat of the machine and can then be moved to the playing field in an attempt to gain advantage against the opponent. More characters in the field get less damage from the front. But they also do less damage. During both the attack and defense stages of the battle. The timing meter will appear on the screen and the player can be hurt to force a mini-gem. Dragon Ball Hero

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The purpose is to fill the gauge over-the-counter meter meter to gain advantage in the exchange and press the button on the machine with precise timing to perform negative effects or defense on the stage. Special attacks can only be performed if the attack phase is advantageous. Special team attacks can also be carried out in the name of Ultimate Units.Dragon Ball Hero

During the battle, players use cards that turn them into their special attack. Make a fast throgh a big energy ball, do a kamma, destroy the opponent and double the opponent Or attack the triple team. Attack or other characters (even dentists), or invite auxiliary robots or other avatars to assist you in aggressive or defensive ways.Dragon Ball Hero

Dragon Ball Hero has become a notorious game for introducing characters. The future will continue throughout the years of the Games. With the acquisition of supersi3 3 changing in 2011, to explore new scenarios and stories never before seen. The player in Dragon Ball Heroes The majority of players can be made in Dragon Ball heroes. Some promotional artwork and trailers.Dragon Ball Hero

The cards do not represent the reflective needs of their character, as Wicco’s card depicts it with a Hello. However, this is not the game. One of the prominent Gohan super-attacks is using the ZZ sword. However, it is impossible to say during that time when Gohan was destroyed by his old power. The old Kai but the old Kai is still in the sword. However, it is possible that Z Sword was repaired when the old moss was released. Which caused him to use it in a potentially unsuccessful form.Dragon Ball Hero


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