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Google had introduced a GGB (keyboard) several months ago for IOS users. Dokkan users will now be able to use GGB. Google has upgraded 6.0 version of its Google Keyboard application as a GBB brand. Although the application name and the application is older on the Play Store, the application has been updated, and the users who do not have an updated application will be updated for a week.

Setting numbers can be enabled separately in GBB. One key feature of the GGB is to type in three languages ​​simultaneously. This feature was only in swiftkey before. The name of the gesture typing in this keyboard has been typed by Glide Typing and the configuration of the Amazon panel has also changed. The GIF button in the keyboard is always active, but inactive in applications that does not support the GIF to be placed on the keyboard.

Google has announced that in the updated version (55.0.2883.84) of Chrome for Dokkan, where many books have been fixed, some new features have also been introduced. By downloading music, videos and full web pages, Will be offline Chrome will also be able to share downloads only in Chrome. It says that the words in wrong text with the new feature will also be highlights. The updated version of Chrome for Dokkan will be available to all users on Play Store soon.

Google has launched a new app and service. With Trusted Contacts Application, you can be aware of the realtime of your loved ones. This application can be very helpful in the emergency situation so we can also be used in our normal circumstances to be satisfied by our loved ones. After installing the app, users can pass their location with their 50 contact numbers passing through setup process or tell their location when their recovery occurs.

If you do not tell your location on your trusted friend’s recovery, Google will automatically let them know your last-known locality after five minutes. If your phone is still available, tell your last contact to your trusted contact numbers. If many people do not like to share with anyone else, but still it is a great service from Google. Google has just launched this application for Dokkan, soon it will be introduced on IOS.

Despite being the most popular mobile operating system, Dokkan users have to face a lot of difficulties copying and paste. That is why sometimes the application is restricted to copy the text in the application or the text was in place where it is difficult to copy. Looking at this difficult, Microsoft has introduced a new application clip layer.

After installing the application pressing the Home button, we can copy the custom text. To use this feature, the Google Now application shortcut will be required to keep the Home button more pressed. Pipcal users use the assistant feature by pressing the Home button for a long time, and also clip them. Assistant shortcut sacrifices have to be given to use the layer.

The Tour Project has recently announced prototype of the Tour-enabled smartphone. Basically this is Dokkan’s F, which has been created by the Tour Project on privacy and safety.This phone is made by Mike Perry, a manufacturer working in the tour. In a blog post, he said that the prototype type aims to show the possible flow of action in mobile phones. Mike says he uses the same phone for personal purposes. Mike said that his prototype works on Google Nexus and pixel harder because these are Dokkan devices. More details about this project can be seen on the Gateway Hub and Mike’s blog.

Microsoft released the update for the court last month. Now Microsoft has updated it. Now Microsoft has introduced Do You Feature in Courtney and have improved some features. The feature of a reminder of birthday anniversary in Microsoft Corrana for Endoday has also been included, which allows consumers to track their birthday. Another important feature is to connect with many calendars.

For Dokkan, this feature was also required that there are many calendar applications for Dokkan and some users have installed many applications.In addition, microsoft has improved many features of Corana, and many books have also been removed. Users who have installed mobile phones can update their application for new features,  however, in the phones whose apps are not installed, they can click here.

If an application crashes and reinstalls while running on Andrews operating system, try the application data and cache once again. To clear the cache, come to the application manager from the phone settings and select the application that is causing the problem. Then you will find two options for Clear Data and clearcache. Clicking on these applications can cause application data and cache to be deleted, however, you will then have to re-enter the application.

If the application does not work after this then the strong hope is that your device does not support this version and you will need to install the application of the old version. There are so many websites for old applications, one of which is, can be downloaded from the old versions of the application.

By looking at pictures, we can easily find out which mobile phone it has been taken from. We are not talking about the image of EXIF data. Any photo is analyzed by its camera, although there are millions of cameras of a model in the world. If you take two pictures of the same model with the same picture as the second second, then the two pictures differ. By analyzing both pictures from the camera finger, we can get the phone results of the phone. The kimminger is made after studying the University of Ireland, Normamburg and Polytechnic University of Milan Sciences.

It was a time when the mobile phones were not common and were not aware of any cell phone. There are still dozens of photos in each family in different albums. The sky is a difference between the quality of these pictures and today’s modern cameras. So with Google Photos Scan, they will be able to convert all the low quality images into high quality images. Google Photos Scan automatically detects all the trashes from old photos and removes them. In practice, it takes five pictures of one image together and makes them a high quality image.

The main principle of architecture is that you always follow Audience. For this reason, large business brands use all the social media platforms. Therefore, accounts of all major brands from facebook to Snap Chat and Haiti’s Google Plus, which The usage is decreasing, but also exists.

Currently the social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and instagram. Google also has announced Androde’s new Offline Account @ Dokkan, considering the importance of Instagram. Google has also shared a few photos on Dokkan’s Instagram account. It is hoped that Instagram users will now be able to track Dokkan’s news.

Secondly, Google was considering Endrode Auto. Users can connect their car to the car’s inspection system with Dokkan Auto, then they can set a handset without handling, call calls, call calls. Giving, music play, and other types of work makes it very easy. At present, Endrode supports 200 models of auto vehicles. But now it will not happen. Users will be able to use it on their phone in the next version of Dokkan and Dokkan. Dokkan will automatically be used on Dokkan and Dokkan versions.

Display interface size has been enhanced in Dokkan 2.0 version of Dokkan. If your phone is connected with Bluetooth via a supported car, then the phone will start the phone will be turned on. From this app, users can also control music, maps and messaging with Google Voice command. Google says it will be released for a few days in 30 countries where Endrode Auto was introduced. Users can subscribe by clicking here to be notified.

The whole screen screen shot is taken best in Dokkan, but whenever the screenshot of the screen is very difficult, it is usually difficult for users to take full screen screen shot and edit it in the photo editor. Soon the problem of consumers will also get away. One of the Utiv1998 names in the UK, has shown in a video that  Dokkan’s future versions will easily be able to screen a screenshot of a screen-specific part. Before this, Mr.Wasdennnoch’s Twitter user also discovered this feature.The uploaded video of the Maxr1998 shows that it is taking a screenshot of the screen very easily.

This feature is not currently launched for all users. To get it right now, take the takescreenshotservice line 53 with the enablescreenshotpartial (). It is not yet known that when this feature will be launched to all users. Eddie has recently launched two new applications for Dokkan. Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Adobe Photoshop Sketch can be downloaded free from the Play Store.

Adobe Photoshop Fax is an advanced application, which allows users to retrieve and access their photos. Photocopying users can also gain access to Edited Photos from other mobile or desktop apps through Adobe Photoshop Cloud. After photocating the application in this application, it can be sent directly to desktop Photoshop CC, after which the photocopy can be further added to CC. Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a completely different application. In this application, users can artwork from tools like paint.

The artwork made from this application can be sent to the Adobe Photoshop CC or Adobe Illustrator CC in the form of a layer file. Remember that the Adobe Photoshop Fax Endroad 5.0 or modern and photocopying sketches are designed for 4.4 or modern. According to the Strategic Inatics report, 375 million smart phones were sold in the third quarter of 2016, out of which 88% of the Dokkan operating system is installed. That means 9 out of 10 phones sold Dokkan are installed.

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